ClearPath Weather® for
State/Department of Transportation

ClearPath Weather®, a component of the Iteris ClearPath family of traffic and weather solutions, is a winter road information service used by DOT transportation officials across the country that provides their decision makers with an easy-to-use display for effectively managing winter weather road issues before, during, and after weather events. With a single click of the mouse, maintenance managers are able to view real-time information they need such as looping radar, satellite imagery, and site- specific weather and pavement conditions.

ClearPath Weather® is configurable to the specific agencies operations and policies. Each forecast contains the ideal maintenance action given the current and forecasted weather conditions, an intuitive graphical interface for displaying your information, and a specialized pavement forecast generated by Iteris' Highway Condition Analysis and Prediction System (HiCAPS™) pavement weather forecasting model. These forecasts as based on the available resources and level of services (LOS) as defined by the agency.

For efficient use of manpower and resources, knowing when and where to plow or apply treatment chemicals requires timely and accurate information.

Each ClearPath Weather® forecast provides hourly current and forecasted site-specific road and weather conditions for:

  • Pavement/Bridge temperature
  • Pavement/Bridge condition
  • Pavement/Bridge frost risk (%)
  • Route-specific Scientifically-driven treatment recommendations
  • Wind speed and direction
  • Visibility and obstructions
  • Precipitation type, rate, and accumulations
  • Snow accumulations

ClearPath Weather® Alerts

In addition to site-specific forecasts, Iteris' ClearPath Weather® empowers users with customizable email or text message alerts for:

  • Observed and forecasted weather and pavement conditions
  • National Weather Service (NWS) watches, warnings, and advisories


  • Interactive web-based display
  • Provides quick and effective access to your preferred data
  • Pinpoint start/end times for precipitation
  • One-click menus
  • Map-based, graph, or table views
  • Looping radar to show a storm's progress and track
  • 24/7 weather monitoring by road weather meteorologists
  • HiCAPS™ pavement forecasts
  • Custom mobile alerts

Return on Investment

  • Optimize winter management operations
  • Improve snow event readiness for staff, equipment, and material
  • Reduce staffing, fuel, and chemical costs
  • Pinpoint treatment application
  • Improve road and public safety
  • Maintain the flow of commerce

Iteris' professional meteorologists are equipped with advanced tools to tailor Iteris' digital forecast databases
and deliver high-fidelity road weather information 24/7/365.