Indiana Department of Transportation


  • One load of salt = $750 in materials (source: InDOT, FY10)
  • 1000 Snow Trucks in InDOT Fleet
  • One extra trip per event – over $750,000 in material
  • One trip saved = huge savings in $$$

Thoughts to Consider:

  • How much does saving one trip mean for you $$$
  • Saving one trip is definitely in reach for most

"There are two basic rules of life: change is inevitable and everybody resists change. There will always be resistance. With the use of this technology, we can be more sophisticated in the information we supply and in the end, maybe increase savings."

-Tony McClellan, Deputy Commissioner Seymour District

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Wisconsin Department of Transportation

"When you look at when to salt, how much to put down – pavement temp is very important. WisDOT wanted to come up with an objective way to evaluate Iteris’ information."

  • Look at 2 forecasts/day
  • 8 locations around state
  • Statistics
  • Snow
  • Start/stop times
  • Wind
  • Pavement temperature
  • Alerts

"Looking at statistics – Iteris continues to get better as we get their service for longer and longer."

-Michael Adams, Wisconsin DOT RWIS Program Manager

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Maryland State Highway Administration

"ClearPath Weather helps to optimize the winter management of our operations especially the mobilization. One of the keys here is we can effectively reduce having trucks out for a long periods before an event and get them out at the right time. It saves my staff. I don’t have to worry about having to get rest for staff that have been out for too long if I can reduce the mobilization."

-Russ Yurek, Director, Office of Maintenance, Maryland State Highway Administration

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Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

"A real efficient and effective tool that can tell you what to do with your crews. Other services only tell us information four feet above the surface and we really need the specific road surface forecast."

-Michael Williams, Snow and Ice Program Coordinator, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

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